vertical lineSeana Siekman Vice President
Optimization & Reporting

Seana Siekman
“In my view, bringing together numbers with a broader story is what really sets Athena apart.”

Seana and her team of reporting experts work with companies around the world to enable efficient, effective, and informed decisions. Nearly a decade of experience in this function has offered Seana the opportunity to work with clients in financial services, major league sports, and telecommunications.

Whether analyzing operational data or focusing on social listening and campaign optimization, Seana has an innate ability to convert large and complex data sets into impactful stories and actionable insights. These efforts typically take the form of user-friendly dashboards, digestible infographics, and executive-level reporting. She utilizes these unadorned strategies to bring about meaningful change for clients in the form of operational efficiencies, customer experience enhancements, and improved brand perception.

During our work with the NFL on the Huddle for 100 campaign, Seana served as the digital lead charged with developing a metrics framework that tracked campaign performance. She previously worked at EY in forensic data analytics, supporting investigations for large, multinational clients in financial services, power and utilities, and life sciences.

“At the end of the day, clients want to know the tangible outcome of where their money went. My team ensures effective measurement systems are in place that allow this to happen.”
B.A. Political Science & Environmental Studies, Connecticut College
Areas Of Expertise
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Digital & Social Reporting
  • Executive Reporting
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Project Plan Development
Work Of Note
Seana worked alongside a client’s corporate social communications and response teams to develop a robust social listening and reporting practice to keep all C-suite executives apprised of key industry happenings, brand reputational health, and campaign performance.