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At no point in history have companies had more access to information than now. Ideally, these circumstances would mean that decision-making is always at its most efficient and most effective. In reality, this relatively unrestricted access to inordinate amounts of information has created overload and made analysis paralysis a staple of today’s decision-making processes.

We help clients avoid these traps because information is something to be leveraged, not feared. We cut through the noise by filtering, synthesizing, and interpreting all available information based on our expertise of the subject and our understanding of the client’s needs to ensure strategic, timely, and relevant responses for specific channels.

“The extensive research and social analyses we have done with large companies—particularly as it relates to brand reputation and customer perception—mean the Athena team is at the pulse of industry headwinds and is uniquely suited to help clients pivot and adapt.”

– Jocelyn Hlawaty, Director

Getting to the Heart of the Story

With this cornerstone philosophy in place, we work alongside clients to develop and optimize social listening, reporting, alerting, and moderation practices. Our programs empower brands to react effectively and nimbly to the latest buzz surrounding their company, covering a range of issues including standard customer care complaints, a new product launch, or changes to the political or social landscape that may impact consumer perception. Our programs assess the urgency and structure of moderation teams, support training and onboarding of care agents, and provide critical and timely insights and alerts for members throughout the organization, including C-suite executives.


Real-Time Risk Solutions

Our feedback system ensures real-time alerts and insights from social coverage of hot-button issues are leveraged to inform content and drive targeted strategies for social moderation teams and beyond. Our real-time approach influences pivots in moderation team responses, as well as larger communication decisions such as media blackouts or changes to corporate messaging. Communications topics we’ve supported include widespread service outages, social justice movements, national policy changes, and natural disaster responses.

“Agility should not come at the expense of efficacy. The approach we take in our reporting practices ensures our clients never have to make this trade-off.”

– Ian Woodruff, Manager

Our solutions are always custom-tailored, with our implementation strategy focused on our clients’ unique issues, players, and viewpoints. We work alongside our clients to identify the optimal moderation team size and engagement strategy – ranging from robust 24×7 coverage to automated solutions for smaller teams. Then, we begin implementation. This could include a nuanced playbook of response styles, specialized for social channels and topics, or the development of custom, hyper-segmented targeting lists for social campaigns.

In other cases, we ensure key decision makers have a consistent, accurate, and timely read on issues through daily or weekly reporting. We offer decision-makers useful vantage points, providing them with a kind of front-row seat among their own target audience so they can look at the brand from the perspective of the consumer. The result: knowledge and agility for social channel management through a first-hand view into general consumer sentiment.

“The technical know-how of the Athena team and our passion for data-driven solutions grants our clients immediate insights into brand sentiment during times of tectonic social shifts and sensitive consumer interactions.”

Mairead O’Boyle, Senior Manager

A Single Story for an Entire Ecosystem

We also spearhead custom, integrated campaign readouts for our clients by developing individualized frameworks to consolidate and evaluate performance across traditional media, digital advertising, website analytics, and paid, organic, and earned social—including a lens on ROI of marketing tactics. These reports distill complex information into easily digestible and actionable insights for executives, building a narrative of brand performance through storytelling and data visualization.

Our data-driven evaluation of brand perception across the digital ecosystem continues to drive innovative content development, inform campaign optimization and expansion, and improve social interactions with consumers at large.

Final Thoughts

Our reporting and moderations practices aim to empower, not overload, enabling analysis and agile response. Rather than echoing noise, we tell the important stories.

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