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Madiah Gant
“In production, it’s vital to be forward-thinking. To constantly be assessing what doesn’t already exist and then bring that to life.”

In addition to her work with our in-house production team, Madiah works with a Fortune 100 client as a studio project manager and a producer with the digital communications team. She has an eye for innovation and a passion for amplifying the voices of others. She is attuned to the relationship between creative and technical aspects of production work, believing that creative vision enables a producer to see beyond the ordinary and then ground that vision in practical application. For her, technical work is elevated by creative vision just as much as creative work needs to be grounded by technical means. Madiah was a J. William Fulbright Scholarship recipient for an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) position in Colombia.

B.A. Global Interdisciplinary Studies, African Studies specialty, Peace & Justice Studies concentration, Communications minor, Villanova University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Production Logistics
  • Shooting Schedules
  • Budget Creation & Management
  • Virtual Events
  • Talent Management
Work Of Note
Madiah is an associate producer for two high-visibility public campaigns, Ready.Set.Philly!, to promote public confidence in a return to city life, and Philadelphia’s bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.