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Jul 3, 2023 | From the Experts

By Carson Schatzman, Senior Copywriter

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Staying ahead and knowing what’s next is vital for sustained success. Here’s how our experts are thinking about June’s Big Picture events, Industry news, Innovative thinking, and Inspirational stories.

Big Picture

Earlier this month, the EU parliament passed a draft law known as the AI Act, potentially restricting some of AI’s riskiest issues. The proposal is expected to be finalized by the end of the year and will be a landmark in AI regulation.

Balancing Innovation & Protection: The AI Act targets some of AI’s capabilities that threaten “people’s health, safety, fundamental rights or the environment.”

  • The law will significantly curtail the use of facial recognition.
  • Under a transparency requirement, companies behind generative AI tools will be required to disclose information such as a summary of materials used for training the tool.
  • There will be tight restrictions on AI use in the legal system, infrastructure, public services, and government benefits.

Key Takeaway: Although the impact of the law remains to be seen, the AI Act positions the EU as a global leader in addressing safe and ethical AI use.

“We’re at such an interesting moment in history, with the future of work and the digital transformation brought upon by AI. It’s imperative for policymakers to create frameworks that ensure AI is trustworthy, transparent, and respectful of user privacy.”

– Jocelyn Hlawaty, Social Media Intelligence Director


As we increasingly rely on connectivity, preparing for natural disasters has become a priority for the FCC and wireless operators. This Forbes article takes a look at the wireless industry’s recent focus on providing emergency relief solutions. 

Collaborative Response: The FCC’s 2022 Mandatory Disaster Response Initiative requires all wireless carriers to coordinate and provide mutual aid when a network is down. The federal mandate is especially meaningful for rural communities supported by smaller, less resourceful carriers. 

Why it Matters: With the frequency of natural disasters expected to increase by 37% around the globe by 2025, it’s important for the public and private stakeholders of the wireless industry to work together in response to these kinds of high-stake, often life-and-death situations.

“Staying connected is crucial, and in times of crisis that need is amplified. Connectivity stakeholders have shown that they understand the need for an effective disaster response, but the FCC’s mandate cements the path for providers to work together.”

– Jose Alvarez, Project Management Director


AI technology continues to find its way into a wider spectrum of industries – from smartphones, to advertising, to automobiles.

Apple’s AI Upgrades: Apple is discreetly introducing AI features to iPhone, presenting them as enhancements to user experience and emphasizing privacy with its “on-device” rather than “cloud-based” AI models.

Gen-AI in Advertising: Ad holding company Omnicom Group is debuting its Gen-AI tool in partnership with Microsoft, in a bid to outpace its competitors.

AI-Powered Designs: Toyota has developed an algorithm that utilizes Gen-AI to expedite the car design process and amplify the creative abilities of automobile designers and engineers.

“Artificial intelligence is developing at light-speed, but that development won’t always be along a set, predictable track. What we do know is that its power will redefine possibilities, it’s just the when that’ll vary across industries.”

– Ian Woodruff, Social Media Intelligence Manager


Disney is introducing Level Up, an advertising framework aimed at encouraging brands to invest more strategically in women’s sports content, Marketing Brew reports.

The Initiative: Led by Deidra Maddock, Disney’s VP of sports brand solutions, Level Up encourages brands to allocate a specific budget to women’s sports content across all Disney platforms, including live events, linear TV, streaming, and social media.

A Promising Position: “The first rollout has been to answer the demand that we were already seeing and that we wanted to respond to,” Maddock said. “It is a luxury position to be in when you know that there’s already interest out there, and you’re really just serving a need.”

“Women’s sports have come a long way, and this is a huge step in eliminating the remaining inequities. As both a woman and an employee of a women-owned business, I’m proud to witness these advancements and find ways to help our clients enable this progress as well.”

– Jessica Repici, VP Strategic Marketing & Events

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