vertical lineWafa Labadi Junior Designer

Wafa Labadi
“I always ask myself before creating a new design: Why? This question is such an important part because good design requires an intentional approach. Asking Why? helps me focus on designing for function and purpose.”

Wafa is a designer with experience working on social media, email, video, and a wide variety of corporate collateral. Honest and passionate, she is driven to adopt new techniques that enable her to deliver elegant, exciting solutions to creative problems. While adept with technological tools, Wafa’s creative process also embraces stepping away from the computer to brainstorm, sketch, and use her hands when a project calls for it. Her favorite medium to work with is print because there is always an opportunity to make print interactive by exploring different weights of paper, die cuts, and paper texture. As a tactile designer, Wafa enjoys physically engaging the design she is creating, whether a flyer or an immersive brochure. She aims to create timeless and simple designs, researching trends and creating mind maps in order to engage the correct audience with the right story. A life-long learner, Wafa is constantly updating her creative skill set, reinventing herself stylistically, and spurring herself on with the vigorous pace of the design industry.

B.F.A. Graphic and Interactive Design, Temple University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Typographic Hierarchy & Layout
  • Color Theory
  • Problem Solving
Work Of Note
Wafa’s thesis project was featured in a presentation by Tyler School of Art about using Adobe Dimensions for Adobe Max.