vertical lineTina Diablo Turner Director

Tina Diablo Turner
“I work with extremely diverse, talented, and fun people. I am happy to call them my peers, colleagues, and friends. They inspire me each and every day.”

Tina is an accomplished project manager with over 15 years of experience. Detailed and solution-oriented in her method, she has an adaptive and team-centric approach that allows her to optimize resources and develop personal relationships with clients. Tina believes in building trust with clients and internal team members, tending towards a collaborative leadership style to coach and empower others. Progressing daily towards a meaningful goal and contributing to expansive projects that impact industry and customers motivate Tina to invest in her team and find innovative solutions to new problems. Prior to her time with us, Tina was a Senior Project Manager for Evoke Group in Philadelphia.

B.A. Sociology, Minor in Leadership, University of Delaware
Areas Of Expertise
  • Project Plan Development & Implementation
  • Resource & Budget Management
  • Process Documentation
  • Cross-Team Coordination
  • Solution Brainstorming
Work Of Note
Tina has been a PM for a number of telecommunications projects, including an initiative to provide free connectivity to community spaces in need.