vertical lineSydney Lee Senior Coordinator

Sydney Lee
“I like seeking the purpose of everything I do – asking why, then backing it up with research to ensure my ideas have the best chance of success.”

Sydney is a young professional with an undergraduate degree in Business Management, and she is pursuing a master’s degree in Project Management. She comes to Athena with experience in customer-facing management positions as well as project management, sales, human resources, and supply chain management. Sydney is driven, highly analytical, and creative, and she has a love for mixing design and technology with business. Her minor in digital humanities taught her to combine a passion for business with communications, technology, and digital creativity. Sydney strives to view projects through the lenses of people, performance, and process instead of one singular perspective. She believes collaboration is necessary to generate the best ideas and solutions for any project, and her long-term goal is to help others through impact-driven professional work. Sydney is highly motivated by a challenge and is never discouraged by difficult tasks. Instead, Sydney is energized by breaking down a project, analyzing it, and finding a solution, and she believes flexibility and open-mindedness are key to delivering outstanding work.

M.A. Project Management, Georgetown University
B.A. Business Management, Digital Humanities minor, Christopher Newport University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Solution Brainstorming
  • Organizational Planning
  • Client Experience
  • Cross-Team Coordination
Work Of Note
Sydney overhauled an unprofitable business through optimizing spending by restructuring of inventory purchasing and technology upgrades, resulting in savings of $20,000 over 2 months.