vertical lineSamantha Terry Coordinator

Samantha Terry
“I thrive on the challenge of embracing new assignments.”

Sam is a Project Management Coordinator with a strong sense of curiosity. An open minded and fast learner, Sam likes to get her hands on everything she can. She eagerly takes on new challenges, as challenging tasks and experiences are what have pushed her to become the person she is today. Sam began as an intern at Athena, leveraging Athena’s professional development opportunities and her own personal drive into a full-time position. Her ability to adapt and switch seamlessly between different projects and teams has been key to Sam’s success and fulfilment at Athena. Setting up coworkers and clients for success inspires Sam to go above and beyond, and she feels fulfilled professionally when her work makes life easier for her team and elevates the project in general. Sam is drawn to marketing for the opportunity to influence the way the world thinks, and she strives to have a positive influence on companies, consumers, and the world at large. Her desire to have a uniquely positive influence drives her to find others who are also focused on doing good in the world, and she’s excited to further build those professional relationships.

B.S. Marketing and B.S. Management, Virginia Tech
Areas Of Expertise
  • Solution Brainstorming
  • Anticipating Employer/Client Needs
  • Social Listening
  • Project Plan Implementation
  • Marketing Strategy
Work Of Note
Sam has supported national digital equity initiatives and developed executive-level project management tools for Athena.