vertical lineSam McDowell Senior Coordinator

Sam McDowell
“Finding the right balance between collaboration time and creative space is a critical aspect of any project.”

A consistent high-impact contributor and strategic thinker, Sam thrives in dynamic environments that require adaptability and on-the-fly thinking. He has put these skills to use in his role partnering with telecommunications brands based in Latin American and the Caribbean. This work has offered him the chance to travel to international destinations and acquire a global perspective on the business world. Whether reporting out on KPIs across customer experience touchpoints or supporting training efforts around a new product launch, Sam enjoys seeing the fruits of his labor result in client satisfaction.

B.A. Government & Legal Studies, Bowdoin College
Areas Of Expertise
  • KPI Reporting  
  • Process Documentation 
  • Cross-Team Coordination  
  • Project Plan Development  
  • Project Plan Implementation 
Work Of Note
Sam is supporting the launch of a telesales program for an international client.