vertical lineRobyn Schnieders Head of Production

Robyn Schnieders
“It’s thrilling to take a client who’s not sure of what they want and then translate their needs into a focused creative vision in unexpected ways.”

Robyn oversees our media production capabilities, creating high-visibility projects for both in-house project teams and external clients. With 20+ years of freelance experience and 60 different credits, Robyn redefines adaptability and leadership.

Originally created to offer production in response to the sudden increased demand for virtual meeting and event spaces, Robyn’s production team grew from primarily elevating existing projects to an independent cornerstone of our creative services. Robyn has a knack for translating lofty and sometimes ambiguous goals into refined and focused production work. Engaging, resourceful, and relentlessly creative, Robyn leads a team that couples experience with passion to identify quickly what a client really wants.

In Robyn’s view, excellent work depends on creatives enjoying the process of creating together. One of Robyn’s true talents is her ability to compose teams that interlace abilities, cover one another’s gaps, and surge towards greatness. Intentionally composed with a diversity of backgrounds, interests, and expertise, Robyn’s team balances strengths to eliminate all weak links and accomplish anything in the production space.

Robyn Schnieders
Robyn Schnieders
“It’s not about our role, it’s about our goal.”
Robyn is as much a leader on the clock as she is off it, building genuine connections with employees at every level and encouraging personal as well as professional growth. Some of Robyn’s prior production clients include: The NBA, MTV, BET, VH1, OWN, WEtv, E!, A&E, Lifetime, FOOD Network, TLC, and Discovery. Having already worked under some of the brightest lights, Robyn keeps us all on the edge of our seats, excited for what’s next.
B.A. Communications, Ethnic Studies minor, Villanova University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Artistic Direction
  • Production Logistics
  • Budget Creation
  • Composition
  • Script Development
Work Of Note
Robyn built our now formidable production capabilities from scratch.