vertical lineNiki Drellow Senior Manager

Niki Drellow
“I like to try a little of everything and learn who I am in different contexts. I'll never stop experimenting and learning.”

Niki Drellow is a writer and creative director with a special passion for helping others find creative fulfillment. As a manager, Niki focuses on being a mentor, protecting his team from distractions that might prevent great work, and building a supportive environment where people are happy to spend time and collaborate. As a writer, Niki prizes polish, brevity, and the right amount of irreverence. Niki has prior experience building teams from the ground up, and he believes it’s important to give people plenty of room to succeed in their own styles. In the same open-minded spirit, Niki has tried his hand at a little bit of everything, from powerlifting to French Literature and sailboat racing.

B.S. French Literature, New College of Florida
Areas Of Expertise
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Concepting
  • Client Presentations
  • Team Building
Work Of Note
Niki has worked on large-scale campaigns for both Habitat for Humanity and Make-a-Wish.