vertical lineNavmi Sharma Analyst

Navmi Sharma
“I thrive in an environment of constant learning and enjoy using my ability to learn and apply things quickly.”

Navmi is a Reporting & Optimization analyst with a special eye to real-time monitoring and reporting read-outs. Navmi came to Athena as an intern and quickly developed proficiency in Data and Analytics tools that have made her a valuable contributor to market research, weekly reports, and real-time monitoring, among other capabilities. A desire to create a positive impact pervades all aspects of her life, even beyond her professional life to personal volunteer involvement, and she enjoys working with teams of diverse individuals with a wide variety of ideas and perspectives. Navmi views new tasks and challenges as intellectual stimulants, and they drive her to keep learning, adapting, and improving on her work. She thrives in a hands-on learning environment where she can build and apply new skillsets simultaneously. As a student-athlete, Navmi has enjoyed traveling around the world representing her country, and she is a student of world culture as well, fluent in both English and Hindi, with working knowledges of French, Japanese, and Korean.

B.A. International Relations and East Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Areas Of Expertise
  • Research and Writing
  • Client Engagement
  • Database Management
  • Cross-Team Coordination
  • Creative Solutions
Work Of Note
Navmi is responsible for weekly reporting on a multi-national telecom provider’s wireless network operation.