vertical lineMaggie Udovich Coordinator

Maggie Udovich
“Through the value of tremendous teamwork all wonderful things are possible.”

Maggie is a dynamic marketing professional who excels in the social media and experiential marketing spaces. During her internship with Athena, she collaborated on a diverse set of cross-department projects. Notably, she made significant contributions to the success of the NFL's philanthropic events at the Super Bowl and Draft, witnessing firsthand the positive social impact of her efforts. Maggie is a natural relationship-builder, thriving in collaborative settings where she can work closely with clients and internal teams from concept development to on-the-ground execution. Her impressive track record includes revamping social media pages, contributing to newsletters, and optimizing SEO strategies.

B.A. Digital Marketing, Virginia Tech
Areas Of Expertise
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Communication
  • Workflow Creation
Work Of Note
Maggie helped coordinate the community impact and social responsibility events at the Super Bowl and NFL Draft.