vertical lineLorraine Dziepak Senior Vice President
Client Partnerships

Lorraine Dziepak
“The best project managers will do more than just track deliverables and ensure deadlines are met – they will develop efficiencies, identify synergies, and implement methods that enable better collaboration.”

Lorraine has nearly two decades of experience leading teams charged with marketing, event production, website management, and data analysis for major brands such as Comcast and the New York Times.

Lorraine oversees the “left brain” teams at Athena—the teams responsible for the company’s data and project management capabilities. She serves as an account executive with some of the company’s largest clients to ensure project teams exceed client expectations while remaining on-time and on-budget.

A skilled project manager in her own right, Lorraine is currently coordinating the development of a client’s newest smart city business unit, laying the groundwork for success and establishing credibility as the nascent team looks to break into a burgeoning technology market niche. She has also centralized reporting structures and tracked financials for large-scale infrastructure projects.

Lorraine Dziepak
Lorraine Dziepak
“Maggy has been an inspiration to me from the beginning of my time at Athena. Her passion for client service and regard for her team members inspire me to represent Athena as best I can and lead my employees with the same level of dedication and care.”
In addition to this more “left brain” work, Lorraine has more than a decade of experience orchestrating major events, including Olympic-qualifying world championships, international conferences, arts and culture festivals, trade shows, and publicity events. And for more than eight years, she produced The New York Times’ acclaimed interview series, TimesTalks.
B.A. Communications & Political Science, Wake Forest University 
Areas Of Expertise
  • Executive Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Solution Brainstorming
  • Organizational Planning
  • Developing SharePoint sites
Work Of Note
Lorraine serves as the account executive for a large-scale brand advocacy program for a Fortune 30 client.