vertical lineLogan Sykes Senior Manager

Logan Sykes
“I am process-obsessed. Naming conventions, feedback loops, and file sharing are all aspects of a project that are frequently overlooked, but critical to a project team’s efficiency and effectiveness.”

Logan is an expert content creator with a decade of experience in just about every area of creative strategy, execution, and reporting. While creative-minded, Logan also prides herself on being “process-obsessed.” The routine and often-overlooked aspects of a project can easily impede and even derail a team’s creativity. Conversely, consistent communication, proactive and systematic documentation, and clearly identified points of contact enable creativity to flourish. Logan takes this philosophy with her when developing brand identities, managing video production, developing and managing editorial calendars, and conducting social media reporting.

B.A. Journalism, Media Studies, and English, Business & Technical Writing minors, Rutgers University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Creative Campaign Concepting
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Social Strategy
  • Process Efficiency
  • Document Optimization & Formatting
Work Of Note
Logan currently supports content strategy and day-to-day social execution for a Fortune 50 company.