vertical lineLiz Dolan Director
Corporate Communications

Liz Dolan
“At the end of the day, all roads lead back to implementation and impact.”

Liz is a communications and program management specialist with expertise in high-impact digital campaigns. She is responsible for campaign planning and implementation while also overseeing and liaising a project management team seated at a Fortune 50 client.

Liz’s end-to-end communications team spans all aspects of digital media communications, including website support, advertising, paid and organic social media, as well as brand placement and development. Her team is also tasked with informing corporate stakeholders across the nation about product updates, company changes, and social impact initiatives. Liz supports every stage of these multi-channel initiatives, including strategy, editorial planning, messaging, and implementation.

For Liz, leadership is a joyful thing. When each member is heard, supported, encouraged, and inspired, project teams can truly reach their full potential. Balancing adaptability and goal-oriented progress, Liz is an expert at both pivoting and prioritizing. She draws her inspiration from an internal desire for excellence, always striving for better processes while still taking the time to reflect on past successes with her team.

In addition to overseeing her own Athena team, Liz is a vital bridge between disparate agencies, ensuring alignment across time zones, enterprises, and organizations. One of Liz’s great qualities is her ability to bring an authentic personal touch to professional work, giving everyone attention and respect, with a dose of kindness and good humor. Her ability to maintain C-suite priorities while developing personal relationships across teams makes her especially effective in this space.

In turn, her knowledge of implementation makes Liz all the more capable of providing executives with insights that guide strategy. Liz understands the importance of visibility and timely information, so she acts as a conduit and translator for constant streams of information.

“Timeliness and consistent communication cannot be overemphasized – they are key to managing expectations and always delivering.”
B.A. Professional Media & Communications, University of Pittsburgh
Areas Of Expertise
  • Project Plan Development
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Organizational Planning
  • Project Plan Implementation 
  • Creative Campaign Management
Work Of Note
Liz has supported a massive, multi-year social impact initiative from its branding origins to its present-day implementation through community partnerships and ongoing goal of providing opportunity for all.