vertical lineJulia Potter Analyst

Julia Potter
“I'm inspired to do my best work by constantly trying to challenge my own ideas of what I am capable of.”

As a social media specialist, Julia is attuned both to the complexities of data analysis and the human side of social reporting. She loves to be absorbed in interesting projects and spend extended hours combing through data to uncover essential information. Organized and passionate, Julia believes identifying and tackling challenges in a straightforward manner is often the best approach. Prior to Athena, Julia supported Covid research in early 2020, and her work on drug consumption in the U.S. underpins her growing interest in social media data. She has a deep interest in learning about the world around her in all its complexity. Julia is looking forward to connecting with interesting people, learning more every day, and growing both personally and professionally.

B.A. Economics and Mathematics, Rhodes College
Areas Of Expertise
  • Data Analytics
  • Econometrics
  • Modeling
  • Data Visualization
  • R Studio
Work Of Note
Julia supported Research and Development at Sandia National Labs, receiving an intern spotlight award for her Covid work.