vertical lineJocelyn Hlawaty Director

Jocelyn Hlawaty
“At Athena, data fits seamlessly into market strategy. We develop airtight advisory solutions for our clients and ensure every action and reaction is founded in data.”

Jocelyn is a social media and website analysis expert. She leads a team that delivers robust and regular reporting to C-suite executives on earned, owned, and paid channels. In her role, Jocelyn cultivates close partnerships with platforms and vendors to ensure her clients have optimal workflows and a clear, presentable view of brand performance. Having strategized and implemented B2C paid media campaigns in previous roles, Jocelyn understands the importance of elevating and translating data into stories that can steer brand development and drive marketing strategies. In other words, data for data’s sake holds no interest to her.

B.A. Linguistics & Economics, Georgetown University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Social Listening
  • Qualitative/Linguistic Analyses
  • Data Visualization
  • Google Analytics
  • Paid Social Strategy
Work Of Note
Jocelyn led a detailed sentiment analysis for a Fortune 100 client, which included establishing a consistent tagging methodology and performing qualitative deep dives into consumer perceptions at all touchpoints.