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Social Media Intelligence

Jocelyn Hlawaty
“At Athena, data fits seamlessly into market strategy. We develop airtight advisory solutions for our clients and ensure every action and reaction is founded in data.”

Jocelyn is a Social Media Intelligence expert with an aptitude for translating social media data into actionable insights. Jocelyn recognizes Social Media Intelligence is the foundation of corporate strategy, communications, and branding of the future. Her team-level tactics and executive recommendations are measured to have both immediate impact and lasting importance.

Jocelyn and her Social Media Intelligence team are redefining social reporting, extending its reach by creating scalable analytic solutions that inform strategy and drive brand success. By combining advanced social listening with quantitative and qualitative analyses, they generate actionable insights that refine and advance corporate communication strategies. To maximize impact, Jocelyn also develops executive-level brand reputation narratives through storytelling and data visualization.

Even in the fast-paced world of Social Media Intelligence, Jocelyn always prioritizes team development, understanding that collective success is the most sustainable and impactful. Transparency, clear communication, and leading by example are key to Jocelyn’s effectiveness. Her team understands that the high standard for their work is a credit to their abilities, and her unwavering support is always there.

At Athena, Jocelyn’s unlimited license to innovate and advance bold plans has helped her imagine new frontiers. Since the world of social media is always on and in motion, continual innovation and adaptation are crucial. Her natural boldness and passion for tackling new challenges position her to be successful in this adventurous and developing field. Jocelyn tends to start from an ideal state solution and work her way back to the current situation, charting a path and developing strategy along the way. This combination of future-focus and present-awareness are at the heart of Social Media Intelligence capabilities.

“One of the best things about working with social data is that the topics we discuss and the language we use constantly evolves, and I love putting my mind to new things.”
B.A. Linguistics & Economics, Georgetown University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Social Listening
  • Qualitative/Linguistic Analyses
  • Data Visualization
  • Google Analytics
  • Paid Social Strategy
Work Of Note
Jocelyn launched a 24/7/365 real time risk-monitoring initiatives that ensures C-suite decision makers are always informed about online discourse with the potential for financial or reputational harm.