vertical lineJasmine Okai Senior Coordinator

Jasmine Okai
"The difference between a good team and a great team is how well we highlight each other’s strengths to bring about a desired result. When it all connects, magic is made!”

Jasmine is a senior coordinator and a veteran communicator with a passion for connecting people with big ideas to actionable goals. Prior to Athena, Jasmine supported high-profile events and asset management at the Ralph J. Roberts Forum. She also concepted a curriculum and supervised a hybrid professional development program for local high school students interested in the world of business. Originally born in Accra, Ghana and growing up in New Jersey, Jasmine’s diverse background has allowed her to inherently consider multiple perspectives and bridge understandings. Jasmine makes a point of empathy and advocacy, believing that most of the time people are missing the “language” to communicate their needs rather than their ability. Valuing learning for its own sake, Jasmine fearlessly explores her passions and pursues her goals. Informed by her multicultural perspective, she loves the process of gathering information and translating it across communities in order to strengthen them, streamline insights, and effectively consolidate efforts to expediate impact. Most of her free time is spent volunteering with the organization The Block Gives Back, providing resources directly to the Philadelphia community.

B.S. Legal Studies, United States Air Force Academy
B.S. Business Administration & Legal Studies, Drexel University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Project Management & Operational Planning
  • Cross-cultural Communications
  • Event Logistics
  • Executive Alignment & Facilitation
Work Of Note
Jasmine served five years in the Air Force while also attending the United States Air Force Academy.