vertical lineFonda Lilly Wilkinson Coordinator

Fonda Lilly Wilkinson
“I look forward to connecting with people of different backgrounds and experiences to help me professionally and personally.”

Fonda Lilly joins Athena after earning a Fulbright to Germany. During her Fulbright experience, she helped students not only develop their skills but discover their passions as well. Her commitment to supporting the students and helping them discover their passions became a source of personal fulfillment and motivation. Prior to her Fulbright, Fonda Lilly served as an adult education coordinator at the Refugee Empowerment Program in Memphis. She taught classes and elevated the organization’s function with logistics planning and strategic reorganization. While at Rhodes, where she graduated cum laude, Fonda Lilly worked in the Language Learning Center and was vice president of Society of World Affairs Today. This program provides outstanding international studies majors opportunities to live and work overseas. Throughout Fonda Lilly's experiences, her passion for learning about diverse languages and cultures shines, driving her to improve interpersonal connections and foster fruitful dialogue. 

B.A. Rhodes College, International Studies & German Studies
Areas Of Expertise
  • Solution Brainstorming
  • Policy Analysis
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Organizational Planning
Work Of Note
Fonda Lilly earned a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Paderborn, Germany.