vertical lineErin Hilgedick-Bury Chief Operating Officer

Erin Hilgedick-Bury
“What sets Athena apart is the heart that is brought to each project – my job is to ensure that the team has what they need to bring that every time.”

Erin oversees our day-to-day administrative and operational functions. Her logistics-focused approach enables our team of creatives, marketers, data analysts, project managers, and researchers to go about their work efficiently and effectively.

Erin has been integral to the culture, resilience, and growth we have cultivated since she joined the company five years ago. In that time, our rapidly growing client landscape and constantly expanding team has required continuous strategizing, and Erin has been the person charged with leading that strategy and supporting the people turning that strategy into action.

Whether it be coordinating a nationwide tour to connect people to the internet, conceiving and executing the NFL’s Huddle for 100 community service campaign, or honoring some of Philadelphia’s most upstanding citizens with the Trustees of the Philadelphia Award, Erin also plays a critical role in supporting the lasting and positive impact our team has on the communities we serve.

“Each member of the team has a project, mine is Athena. I am driven by the possibilities of this organization and the team that represents it.”