vertical lineCristina Bermudez Analyst

Cristina Bermudez
“Data-driven insights guide our actions and ensure we never take shots in the dark.”

Cristina serves as a catalyst for informed decision-making by taking data and elevating it into actionable stories. Leveraging a range of analytics tools such as Tableau, Excel, and Brandwatch, as well as her experience in product analytics, she identifies consumer trends, provides user interface and experience recommendations, and creates reports that drive market and policy decisions. Cristina brings experience in these fields from her work with award-winning digital agencies, international organizations, and the Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies. Beyond her work with Athena, Cristina has designed, developed, and scaled digital marketplaces. She also headed Yale’s entrepreneurial incubator and received the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking Fellowship during her undergraduate studies.

B.A. Political Science, Yale University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Information Design
  • User Experience, Interface Design & Optimization
  • Boolean Queries
  • Brandwatch & Sprinklr
  • Data Visualization
Work Of Note
Cristina spearheaded a report that combined a client’s relevant internal data with national data to forecast population migration shifts during the COVID-19 pandemic.