vertical lineChristina Cucinotta Senior Coordinator

Christina Cucinotta
“The constant need to adapt inspires me. No two days are ever the same here at Athena, which pushes me to do my best every day.”

With every exclusive event and immersive experience she has a hand in building, Christina sets out to deepen the audience’s appreciation of client brands. Driven by a collaborative and fast-paced working environment, Christina’s professional capability reaches its full potential when it comes to overseeing activation strategies, event communications, and vendor coordination. She has been able to combine this expertise with her love of sports in overseeing multiple large-scale events for major league sports organizations such as the NFL. Christina is particularly captivated by community-oriented events that allow her to contribute to the public good, joining other Athenians in our collective commitment to ensuring that our clients have a positive impact in the communities they serve.

B.S. Marketing Management, Strategic Communication and Event & Experience Management minors, Virginia Tech
Areas Of Expertise
  • Event Logistics
  • Event Ideation
  • On-Site Event Management
  • V.I.P. Experiences
  • Vendor Coordination
Work Of Note
Christina has contributed to key community service initiatives for the NFL, such as “Huddle to Tackle Hunger” and “Man of the Year.”