vertical lineBrittany McGovern Project Manager

Brittany McGovern
“I don’t stick to any one project management method. I make an effort to understand my client and tailor my methods to what will work best for them and the project at hand.”

Adaptable, positive, and results-driven, Brittany has a demonstrated history of collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive growth, inspire innovation, and achieve objectives. Her work primarily focuses on brand advocacy programs, marketing campaigns, and project management but her clients have ranged from small businesses to global corporations. During her time overseeing a B2C relationship program and CRM database of 5,500+ partners for a client, Brittany visualized key metrics and KPIs for quarterly growth reports, monitored the effectiveness of digital campaigns, and organized primary and secondary data research collection. A true linguaphile, Brittany is a proficient Arabic speaker and has spent time studying Persian, French, and Aramaic.

M.A. Middle Eastern, South Asian & African Studies, Columbia University
B.A. Middle Eastern Studies, African, Middle Eastern & African Languages & Literature minor, Rutgers University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Cross-Team Coordination
  • Creative Campaign Management
  • Brand Advocate Programs
  • Audience Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
Work Of Note
Brittany supports providing affordable, accessible internet for all by helping a client facilitate public-private partnerships.