vertical lineAndreya Cybriwsky Senior Manager

Andreya Cybriwsky
“I take pride in knowing that the work we do produces tangible results for consumers, employees, and communities.”

Andreya combines a finance and operations background with several years of experience as a project manager with us. Her work focuses on telecommunications, leading innovative projects that will shape the future of connectivity for communities across the country. Andreya has centralized reporting structures for entire business units and tracked financials for large-scale infrastructure projects. For the past two years, she has been overseeing the development of a telecommunications client’s new business unit, helping establish credibility as the nascent segment looks to blossom in a burgeoning industry niche. Andreya previously worked on the operations side of sales and trading at Goldman Sachs and is also a fluent Ukrainian speaker.

B.A. Economics, Bucknell University
Areas Of Expertise
  • Budget Management
  • Process Documentation
  • Executive Facilitation
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • SharePoint Site Management
Work Of Note
Andreya provides project management support to a major telecommunications company’s rural broadband network buildout.