vertical lineAmanda Fink Senior Analyst

Amanda Fink
“My passion for working with media creates in me a desire to always learn and build my skills. I hold upon myself to always be better with every task, every interaction, every success, and every failure.”

Amanda is as skilled with media as she is passionate about it. Prior to Athena, Amanda worked for NFL Films ingesting, transcoding, and delivering media footage for multiple award-winning TV series. Weaving together hundreds of disparate clips and organizing seemingly random groups of footage into a beautiful story gives Amanda a sense of joy and accomplishment. Resourceful and persistent, Amanda treats every tough situation or rush of deadlines as a puzzle to be solved, knowing the solutions themselves will help her crack the code of future projects. Amanda thrives in fast-paced, high-pressure situations, transforming the intensity of the project into an extra level of focus and creativity. An avid traveler, Amanda also brings a sense of adventure and fearlessness into her professional work. With an explorer’s mentality, she is always eager to learn additional skills, embrace fresh challenges, and forge new relationships.

B.A. Music Recording Technology, Lebanon Valley College
Areas Of Expertise
  • Media Management
  • Digital Media Delivery
  • Media Transcoding
  • Audio Editing
  • Client Support
Work Of Note
Amanda is credited on multiple acclaimed documentary series by NFL Films, such as Hard Knocks and Peyton’s Place.