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Jan 18, 2023 | From the Experts

By Data Insights & Optimization Team


Crises and issues that have the potential to harm your brand and business don’t pause when you log out for the day or have other priorities that need your attention. Which is exactly why businesses are turning to processes to help them monitor, analyze, alert, and report on possible reputational and physical threats to their businesses before the rest of the world finds out.

As we pioneer this area, we only find more ways our Social Media Intelligence expertise can make an impact. For instance, monitoring threats made on social media can help a company stay apprised of all potential security concerns. Athena’s teams can also provide crucial strategic information by cataloguing public response and helping brands, for instance, determine whether or to what extent they should be advertising on Twitter 2.0. And, just as integral to brand success, we monitor and amplify corporate milestones such as quarterly earnings reports, conferences, and announcements that generate increased social activity. This is all vital information, and we know how to track it down.


Understanding the Foundation of Real Time Monitoring:

Real Time Monitoring is a 24/7/365 tool that helps businesses be the first to know about issues that have the potential to become risks. A core pillar of Athena’s Social Media Intelligence practice, our Real Time Monitoring offering deploys a team of social listening experts working across the globe to alert key stakeholders on social media posts, news articles, blog posts, or a number of other sources that are discussing topics and priorities that are important to their business. At Athena, our Real Time Monitoring solution combines advanced social listening infrastructure to track brand-related posts, rapid alerting systems to inform clients of issues found during monitoring, and quantitative insights to understand the underlying theme of discussions. But what sets Athena’s Real Time Monitoring solutions apart is the real people we have behind our infrastructure. Our skilled analysts understand our clients’ business objectives, working hand in hand with the social listening software to grasp the entire context of a situation and collaborating with our clients to determine necessary next steps in any crisis.

We have all heard numerous times about social media and the impact it can have on our business, but Real Time Monitoring provides a critical response system to protect our clients in the ever-changing digital ecosystem. Companies need to be able to understand what is happening on social networks, why it’s happening, and how to optimize their social media and communications strategy accordingly. By mixing data-driven, quantitative analysis with a human-led approach our team can not only pinpoint specific mentions but analyze possible trends and meaning behind user discussion.


Every day, our team reviews tens of thousands of posts for our clients, scanning them for potential business threats. Through reviewing the posts, we often send businesses up to 100 personalized alerts daily, tailored to their specific needs.


Our Process

Development of our Real Time Monitoring solutions is a collaboration with clients to determine their business needs and important topics. These topics take the form of specific concerns and potential issues that the client would like monitored, built out based off context given to us by the business. We sort topics and themes by priority, which determines the amount of focus given to each topic by our analysts. Through this method, we can cover all our clients’ needs with an emphasis on monitoring what is most important to them. For example, a post threatening the physical harm of employees at the business is categorized as the highest priority and immediately sent to our clients.

While we utilize and monitor most social media platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram, we also keep a close eye on the news for relevant stories. Our analysts do this using multiple different methods of social listening, such as, Sprinklr, Muck Rack, and other tools determined by each clients’ unique needs. Once an analyst identifies a priority post, we send all relevant information including outside research to key stakeholders to whom the information would be the most relevant. This ensures that an alert from us will always contain important communication to those who receive it.


Real Time Business Impacts

Being the first to know about a security threat or even a customer reacting to a recent advertisement can not only help your company and employees stay safe, but also help inform important business decisions. The Real Time alerting process our team has created can help guide overarching communications plans at every level of your business, from the customer service teams to the C-Suite executives.

The “Real” in Real Time Monitoring becomes even more impactful when there is an urgent, time-sensitive topic that your team wants to know about before the rest of the world. Our team has reported on issues including threats to a facility, cyber threats, reactions to business decisions, and even viral stories. For example, our team has extensively alerted clients on natural disaster relief efforts, social justice movements, and national policy changes.

How Our Model Could Work for You

The Athena Real Time Monitoring model is both scalable and transparent. We can incorporate a wide range of client requirements into our bespoke implementation process. This includes expansive security solutions that can operate within any client protocol, which, in an increasingly online world, is becoming more and more important. Our Real Time Monitoring solution is fundamentally human led; we undergo rigorous testing to ensure that our services can fit any client’s specific needs, bringing the business directly into our process and collaborating with them every step of the way. As we spend more time with a brand, we’re able to improve workflow automations, gaining even more of an edge in a space where every second counts toward preventing a brand crisis.

The Athena Impact

Our Real Time Monitoring practice ensures our clients are well-positioned and well-informed, enabling agile response systems for clients to react to important shifts in perceptions online and mitigate against potential risks.

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