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Jan 31, 2022 | From Leadership

By Maggy Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer

What's Happening at Athena in 2022
Late last year we invited our team members to take a short survey about Athena Global Advisors for a special internal project. Because it was being used to inform an infographic as part of our end-of-year All-Hands, the questions were lighthearted in tone but very intentional in nature. We were hoping to glean different perspectives about Athena’s work culture from our growing team.

One question has stuck with me since we received the results—or maybe I should say the answers. We asked the team to describe Athena in three words and the similarity in responses was striking. Words like “positive,” “inspired,” and “engaged” were familiar refrains as were “thoughtful” and “kind.” Since Athena’s founding in 2013, many of the things we focus on have evolved, but the broader goal of the organization was always to be a force for positive change in any industry.

What's Happening at Athena in 2022
What's Happening at Athena in 2022
Nine years later, I’m proud to be able to say that our commitment to our clients and the communities they serve is stronger than ever. We see this same sense of responsibility mirrored in every one of our projects, from our work with Fortune 50 companies and major league sports to our support of emerging and established small businesses.

The survey results confirmed our mission for 2022: to expand and empower. Athena will not become who we can become without both. Expansion is obviously central to any functioning business. An expanding client base, an expanding footprint, and an expanding team are consensus goals for just about all companies. We aim to empower employees at every level to contribute meaningfully to our success. Expansion cannot come without empowerment. And with an ever-growing project list, a new office opening in Denver, and a flurry of new hires to begin 2022, Athena is set for even more expansion and certainly more empowerment in the coming months. We look forward to all the positive, inspired, and engaged opportunities that await us in the year ahead.

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