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Mar 2, 2022 | From Leadership

By Jessica Repici, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing & Creative Services

At Athena, we are a skilled team of strategists, creatives, program managers and data analysts…but more importantly, we are a group of individuals that have a genuine passion for making a difference. So, when the National Football League (NFL) engaged us to ideate and execute the philanthropic centerpiece of their centennial season, we went all in.

After weeks of heads down brainstorming and collaboration, “Huddle for 100” was born. The campaign presented the league, its partners, and the fans with a mission: Get 1 million people to each give 100 minutes of their time back to the community, resulting in 100 million minutes of volunteer work. We shattered that goal and ended the initiative with 397 million minutes. The historic campaign helped the NFL win the League Humanitarian of the Year Award during the 2020 ESPY Awards.


Since our Huddle for 100 work during the 2019 season, it has been an honor to continue supporting the league and its 32 Clubs to give back to communities around the nation. Most recently, we partnered with the NFL family to execute community impact events at their tentpole end-of-season events: Pro Bowl, in Las Vegas, and Super Bowl, in Los Angeles.

Our collective efforts, some of which are pictured below, included: honoring survivors of domestic violence, helping to bridge the technology and digital divide for youth through a laptop gifting initiative, assembling food packages to support youth meal programs, cleaning various youth community spaces, and partnering with members of the LGBTQ+ community to raise awareness about equality and inclusivity.

It’s difficult to express in words the immense impact initiatives like these can have on the community. Luckily, our production team was able to capture it in this tribute video to all the fans that have showed their passion on and off the field:

All in a day’s (or years’) work for a passionate, hard-working, and generous team of strategists, creatives, program managers and data analysts.


To learn more about our partnership with the NFL, read about our work on the Huddle for 100 campaign.

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