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Jul 26, 2022 | From Experience

By Michael Cloppse, Senior Manager of Creative Services

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A sweet product needs a sweet brand. And Wizzie’s Tea is just that. The first batch of Wizzie’s was brewed in Unionville, Pennsylvania in 1975 and has been shared among family and friends ever since. As the family-owned company prepared for a national distribution deal, they engaged us to create a brand identity that reflected the tea’s family history, quality ingredients, and fresh flavor. 

“We are so excited about the brand identity and look forward to future opportunities to work with this amazing team!”

– The Wizzie’s Tea Team

The primary logo utilizes dynamic waves in the typeface and a refreshingly bold green to reflect the fun-loving nature of the brand and its stewards. The richness of the primary green pairs with a mix of fresh color complements that reflect Wizzie’s clean ingredients. We wanted the color palette to reflect a summer get-together filled with sunshine, loved ones, and refreshing beverages.

“Wizzie’s was excited to talk about their brand throughout the entire process and we reflected that infectious energy into their identity.”

– Shawn Gorman, Creative Manager


We wanted consumers to be able to be able to imagine the taste of the tea just by looking at the bottle, so we covered the label with patterns that dance around the logo and communicate a carefree personality and boundless energy. And let’s face it. Barcodes are boring. So, we gave them a Wizzie’s Tea twist by reshaping them into each main ingredient.   

“My intention was to create a pattern that brings you back to a perfect summer day as a kid.”

– Wafa Labadi, Designer

We also set out to capture the brand with a memorable tagline. “Tea to Talk About” speaks to the community-centered, fun-loving nature that Wizzie’s Tea represents. Founder Wizzie brought vats of her tea to get-togethers so “Tea to Talk About” encapsulates the important role that her tea has and will continue to play in countless memories.

“We really enjoyed working with Athena as they brought the vision of our logo, labels, and tagline to life. They took the time to hear our story and understand the many aspects of the brand, making the entire process a collaborate and fun experience.”

– The Wizzie’s Tea Team

As Athena’s Creative Agency, we are always eager to tackle brand identity projects for clients. Our team of designers, writers, and brand strategists establish, mature, and reimagine visual identities, messaging systems, and brand creative. And when those clients just so happen to have a delicious product, it makes it all the better. We’re excited to see this brand grow and become a staple at summer gatherings everywhere.

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