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What’s Your Work Style?

Gianna DiblasioMar 15, 2023
Learning and development for employees of all levels is one of Athena’s core initiatives in 2023. That’s why we launched a DiSC assessment exercise and training to help understand our employees’ leadership styles and continuously improve workplace teamwork and collaboration.
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Athena Recommends: Top Podcasts

Kristin DetterlineFeb 22, 2023
No matter how we get to the office, the Athena team has one thing in common: We love to listen to podcasts during our commute. Read on to add one of our favorite shows to your podcast rotation.

Hybrid Work and Growing through Changes

Maggy WilkinsonJan 12, 2023
Athena is a different company than we were in March 2020. In many ways, the pandemic pushed us to be the organization we were always meant to be. Here’s why.

How Athena Shifted to Hybrid Work

Kristin DetterlineJan 12, 2023
Working at Working Together: Here's how we're poised for a stronger company culture each year.