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Feb 22, 2023 | From Leadership

By Kristin Detterline, Director
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No matter how we get to the office—walking, driving, bike riding or subway hopping—the Athena team has one thing in common: We love to listen to podcasts during our commute. Some of us gear up for work learning about productivity hacks from motivational speakers. Some of us catch up on the morning’s headlines from a trusted news outlet. Still others set the tone for the day ahead with deep dives into obscure scientific research and whip-smart commentary about pop culture.


Read on to add one of our favorite shows to your podcast rotation.

Girls That Invest

“This is the world’s #1 investing education podcast, and for good reason. Investing and how to invest is not often taught, but Sim and Sonya break down investing and growing wealth in an easily understandable way without the jargon.”

– Julia Richards, Senior Coordinator

Two Chicks, Three Seats

“Kate and Rachel keep listeners up to date on current event industry trends. From micro weddings to larger conferences, they cover real questions from those on the ground and bring in experts to give their tips and tricks.”

– Madeleine Louviere, Analyst

The Daily from The New York Times

“The Daily from The New York Times provides a deeper dive into a topical news story of the day. It’s perfect to listen to during the morning commute and offers interesting context and insights into current events.”

– Lorraine Dziepak, Senior Director, Program Management & Corporate Communications

How I Built This

“This podcast is a master class on innovation, creativity, leadership and how to navigate challenges of all kinds. Guy Raz interviews the world’s best-known entrepreneurs to learn how they built their iconic brands, with founders revealing deep, intimate moments of doubt and failure, and sharing insights on their eventual successes.”

– Raven Frankel, Senior Manager


WorkLife with Adam Grant

“This podcast hosted by organizational psychologist Adam Grant dives into how people manage to balance their work and life and still enjoy both to the fullest. There’s great advice from stories of successful professionals. My favorite is ‘How to Love Criticism.’”

-Gianna DiBlasio, Head of Employee Experience


“Smartless is hosted by actors Jason Bateman, Will Arnet and Sean Hayes. Each week one of the hosts picks a guest (usually a celebrity but sometimes a scientist or politician) and the other two do not know who is coming so they can’t prep. It’s chaos and they talk over one another and make fun of each other (mainly Jason and Will gang up on Sean) but it is ALWAYS funny, sweet, and almost always insightful. Start with the Jon Stewart, Sean Penn or Bono episode to get your feet wet and then move onto whoever strikes your fancy; no need to listen in any order. I listen on my walk to and from work and I’m always laughing or crying.”

– Laurie Buckman, Executive Assistant

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

“Jay Shetty’s purpose is to ‘Make wisdom go viral.’ His podcast focuses on providing a healthy perspective for navigating the everyday challenges of our personal and professional lives. My most recent listen was ‘6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance & Reduce Stress.’ I appreciated that it wasn’t about finding a 50/50 balance (that’s not always realistic) but making a mind shift in how we perform to increase productivity, job satisfaction and overall performance. Shetty helps me get in the right mindset as I commute to work and home to my family. Highly recommend!”

– Jessica Repici, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing & Creative Services

The Best One Yet

“A podcast that covers the top three business headlines of the day in an entertaining way. It’s great to listen to during my morning commute!”

– Andreya Cybriwsky, Project Manager

Armchair Expert

“This is an interview-style podcast where host Dax Shepard sits downs with a slew of different people ranging from actors and musicians to professors and topic experts. I love how Dax’s interview style always leads to open, honest, hilarious conversations about human experiences.”
– Kezia Rogers, Manager

Sounds Like a Cult

“I’ve never been into podcasts but this one is so fun. It analyzes modern day groups in the cultural zeitgeist to determine whether they’re a cult. The hosts use a combination of linguistic analysis, one-on-one interviews, research and, most importantly, comedy to determine if followers of SoulCycle, Swifties, essential oils, etc., are really part of a cult. It’s a great way to stay on top of pop culture and get a good laugh in. It’s especially fun when the hosts analyze communities you’ve participated in once or twice.”

– Jocelyn Hlawaty, Director, Social Media Intelligence


“Hosted by Alie Ward, this podcast explores a diverse range of scientific disciplines, from Ferroequinology through Metropolitan Tombology and into Virology. In each episode, Ward interviews experts in a specific field, in her own endearing (often crass) manner, and breaks down complex subjects in a fun, accessible and informative way. She is known for her ability to bring humor and creativity to even the most niche (and sometimes otherwise boring) scientific subjects.”

– Robert Richard, Chief Information Officer 

The Mel Robbins Podcast

“I didn’t expect to find one of my new favorite podcasts by way of TikTok. Makeup tips and organizational hacks, yes, but not relevant, insightful life advice from this former lawyer turned motivational speaker and author. Let’s face it, most motivational podcasts focus on the same themes so it’s all about the host’s delivery for me. Mel reminds me of so many friends, co-workers and bosses that I’ve had over the years with her direct, pragmatic advice (regularly peppered with curse words) on navigating the challenges of modern life. Her stellar guest list includes entrepreneurs, authors and thought leaders like Jay Shetty. One of my favorite episodes is ‘3 Lessons from One of the Hardest Years of My Life.’”

– Kristin Detterline, Director

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