Maggy Wilkinson

Under Maggy's leadership, Athena has grown from a single desk in a shared workspace six years ago to a company employing more than seventy professionals in five cities. Her masterful grasp of program management and client service is shaped by more than twenty-five years of hands-on experience, implementing everything from large-scale global initiatives for Fortune 100 companies to helping small businesses dramatically enhance their profitability and operational efficiency.

Maggy began her career in equity research at Merrill Lynch before moving to the investment management and corporate trust divisions of Bankers Trust. Prior to going into business for herself, Maggy led groundbreaking operational and human capital initiatives for Frontier Airlines, McDATA, TeleTech, and the Optia Group, as well as serving as Chief Operating Officer for Forensic Risk Alliance, a global forensic accounting and eDiscovery firm.

Maggy founded Athena to be an agent of positive change in the world through the activation of transformational thinking. Athena's culture, values, and practice reflect a foundational belief that inspiration and innovation require practical execution and action. And that it is only through this process—of translating ideas and hopes into realistic targets and achievable goals—that progress is made.

Maggy graduated with honors from Middlebury College.

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