Maggy Wilkinson

Maggy is known to say "all talk, no do" when colleagues bring her a strategy not underpinned by practicality. While big picture ideation and strategic discussion play a critical role in making progress, she truly subscribes to Thomas Edison’s adage, “Vision without action is hallucination.” A concept with no potential for fulfillment holds little interest for her. And neither do unambitious goals. With that thinking as a backdrop, she founded Athena to be a force for positive change, creating a company that functions as the indispensable link between ideation and execution.

This unwavering pursuit of results has required Maggy to build an undefinable company that values impact over convention. With teams of project managers, designers, data analysts, marketing experts, content creators, copywriters, researchers, video producers, event specialists, and much more, Athena serves best in the collective. It is the confluence of these seemingly disparate practices that enables Athena to wear the many hats necessary to address complex and ever-evolving client needs.

Maggy and her team have brought their skills to bear for clients around the globe in media, telecommunications, professional sports, fashion, healthcare, hospitality, and much more.

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