Maggy Wilkinson

Maggy has over twenty-five years of experience in the corporate world ranging from work with large scale global initiatives for Fortune 100 companies to helping small businesses implement programs that dramatically improve efficiency and profitability. She began her career in NYC within the financial industry, first in equity research at Merrill Lynch and later at Bankers Trust working within their investment management and corporate trust divisions. She has since led transformative operational and human capital initiatives for Frontier Airlines, McDATA, TeleTech and the Optia Group. As the Chief Operating Officer at a global forensic accounting and eDiscovery firm, Maggy ran the company’s operations during a period of explosive growth.

Maggy’s decision to start a company was based on a deep-seated belief that cultural transformation only takes place when worthy ideas are executed and instilled into the daily lives of employees at every level of the game. Her leadership experience has led her to the realization that inspired innovation is not enough without being accompanied by practical and achievable execution. At Athena, the company mission is to bring pivotal and transformational thinking to life.

Maggy graduated with honors from Middlebury College.

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