Senior Manager

Nichole Girgenti

Nichole comes to Athena with more than twenty years of project management experience, supporting clients in meeting their goals and facilitating project growth. She spent the early part of her career in human services, where she worked for a large non-profit hospital group. Her experiences there clarified interests in operations and new business development. With lifelong ties to chefs and dining, Nichole was eventually drawn to Philadelphia’s food revival and pivoted to work on a series of projects within the restaurant industry. For the last ten years, she has managed operations for two restaurant groups and worked on a startup software project for Food Network, showcasing dining ventures in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Nichole has an undergraduate degree in psychology from West Chester University and holds a master's degree in psychology from La Salle University. She is an active member of her South Philadelphia neighborhood's civic association, where she participates in work related to the changing landscape of local politics and the public school system.

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