Cristina Bermudez

Cristina comes to Athena after graduating from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In 2018, she founded “Hublete,” a mobile marketplace for users to find and book fitness and recovery sessions with vetted local businesses. The platform earned her a Summer Fellowship at the Tsai Center of Innovative Thinking at Yale, which included grant money to grow her burgeoning venture. Cristina also helped other young entrepreneurs by co-leading Yale Launch, the school’s entrepreneurial think tank and incubator for social ventures, non-profits, and businesses. On top of these endeavors, she found time to intern with an award-winning digital agency, gathering and analyzing data to optimize clients’ content strategy and distribution choices. She is highly proficient in Firebase, SQL, AWS, Google Analytics, Stripe, and analytics for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Though she has spent the past four years in New Haven, CT, Cristina is originally from Chile and has lived in South America. She is passionate about humane technology, legal advocacy, and environmental sustainability and spends much of her free time working with organizations to advance these issues.

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