Activating the Secret Sales Channel

Aligning internal and external sales messaging across the national footprint of a leading technology company.

One of the world’s leading technology companies came into being through a decades-long mix of organic market growth and strategic acquisition in high-performance markets. A rapid product-release cycle and multiple communication channels designed to keep workers engaged and informed led to challenges. It became difficult to keep everyone speaking the same language internally, while aligning that information with what customers were hearing outside through media and advertising.


The company asked Athena to help reorder its communications to empower employees to speak passionately about their suite of products and services. In the first phases of the project, Athena's primary task was assessing the scope of the problem across the company and establishing a clear set of action items that would begin to address it.

Athena began by speaking to executives, but also employees at all levels of the organization, organizing cross-functional workshops, focus groups, and communicating findings to help align next steps. We tested and fielded new training approaches designed to excite and engage employees and improve the sharing of information across organizational silos. We broadly engaged stakeholders, devised new messaging strategies to appeal to target employees, and helped align them to the goals of the program. Athena remains actively involved in all aspects of this ongoing project.

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