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Athena conceived and executed a five-year branding endeavor to enable a Philadelphia-based Fortune 50 media company, to fully engage target cities in the technology and innovation space. The goal was to transform public perceptions about the brand’s overall utility and to spotlight its role as an engaged and supportive player in business, healthcare, education, the arts, and the community at large.


Athena produced a report outlining target cities identified by a scientific set of criteria—entrepreneurial growth rates, available venture capital, population, age, education, and other factors. We then developed a research plan specific to each of the 12 cities engaged, worked with local non-profit leaders to develop programs tailored to each community’s specific needs, and broadened platforms for access to guarantee that many voices in these metropolitan regions were not only heard but understood.

Based on that research, we identified locations to focus our efforts and execute on a strategic plan consisting of three main pillars: We supported our client in identifying key sponsorships to fund; managed the redevelopment of physical spaces designed as meeting hubs and platforms for showcasing the best in technology; and serviced those locations through multi-city activations.

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